Omniflow – Above the performance, using Dynatrace data to extend the User Experience

31 January, 2017 12:00 5 min Administrator

Not sure whether your website or web application flow design is optimal? Need to understand how your customers use your web app? Do they always get excellent experience?

Solution designed by Omnilogy gives answers to these and many other questions. Dynatrace AppMon is a great tool to troubleshoot application performance issues. Combined with Dynatrace UEM, which collects information on user visits and actions, it seems to give a complete picture. It seamlessly integrates with the Dynatrace solution to show you what your application’s users do in large scale or what experience they get in an elegant visual way. Omniflow drafts a flow map of your web app (or website), so you can easily and quickly identify troublesome paths or dissect the flows in different business contexts. For example, to see the flows for different user populations, including the size of the population, or to spot inefficient paths within the application or for certain groups of users.

Omniflow 01

Modern charting built based on ELK lets you integrate Omniflow with your vital data visualization in a single dashboard.

Omniflow 02

You can also customize certain elements of the chart or exclude some detail from the map for better clarity or to visualize certain analysis criteria.

*Omniflow by Omnilogy has been designed to help Dynatrace Appmon practitioners understand how their web applications are used by end users. The map illustrates steps users make on the website or web app to show how a conversion funnel is designed in the application. You can customize the number of steps shown as well as the size of user population (number of users) considered. The size of the node represents the aggregate of response time of the business context, while the thickness of the connecting lines is proportional to aggregated response times of user actions between two nodes. Concentric rings related to some nodes stand for user actions that don’t change the business context. The color of paths between nodes illustrates user experience.

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